Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Estimation and mapping soil organic carbon using remote sensing and terrain analysis data    Ph.D    fazeli, mahmood    0000-00-00
2    Effects of mycorrhiza fungi on phytoremediation of soil contaminated with U, Pb, Cr and Cd by Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus L.)            0000-00-00
3    Identification of Pb pollution hotspots in Mashhad urban and suburban soils by using Local Moran’s I and GIS            0000-00-00
4    Effect of free and encapsulated Yarrowia and Glomus inoculants in phosphorus solubility of rock phosphate            0000-00-00
5    Comparison kinetic and potassium release capability of NaBPh4 and NH4OAc from some micaeceous minerals using sequential extraction method            0000-00-00
6    : Comparesion of Bioreduction of aquaes and adsorbed As(V) on goethite in the presence of Shewanella            0000-00-00
7    The effects of organic matter on reduction of cadmium toxicity on nodulation and nitrogen fixation Phaseolus vulgaris    M.Sc.    Iranpour, Mohsen    2010-10-05
8    Nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition in shoot and corm growth of saffron    M.Sc.    chaji, nasrin    2010-10-18
9    Distribution of some soil organic carbon pools and phosphatase activity under different land uses, parent materials and topography in Sisab area, Bojnourd    M.Sc.    bagherifam, somaye    2010-11-01
10    Effect of pH and temperature on urease activity in the presence of Palygorskite and Sepiolite    M.Sc.    Rahmani, Hadiseh    2010-11-08
11    Molecular signal of genistein in common bean and soybean nodulation and N fixation under salt stress    M.Sc.    nikbin, fahimeh    2010-11-08
12    Effect of earthworms on Cd and Cu uptake in maize    M.Sc.    azizi, mina    2010-11-08
13    Effect of Fomesafen, Simazine and Pyridate herbicides on the growth, nodulation and biological nitrogen fixation in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)    M.Sc.    rasooli, rahile    2010-11-09
14    Optimization of bioreduction hematite in the presence of Shewanella sp            2011-03-07
15    Effect of biochar on yeild and yeild component of green mung bean irrigated by waste water    M.Sc.    hamzei, ehsan    2011-06-06
16    Effect of extracted and commercial Humic acid and indole acetic acid on growth and development green house straw berry in    M.Sc.    dolatiyan shirvan, nafiseh    2011-06-06
17    Effect of Aspergillus on hydrolysis of phsphate organic compound    M.Sc.    javaheri, toktam    2011-06-06
18    Effects of compost and heavy metals application on urease and phosphatase Enzymes activity in two clay and sandy calcareous soils    M.Sc.    esmaeelzadeh farmad, mona    2011-06-06
19    Study of Symbiotic Relationship between Some Range Plants and Mycorrhiza    M.Sc.    Aslani katoli, Esmaeil    2011-09-06
20    Modeling of growth and N fertilization management in production of Allium altissimum and onion (Allium cepa L.).    Ph.D    mansouri, hamed    2011-12-18
21    Nitrogen fertilizer optimum management for different dryland wheat genotypes using 15N    Ph.D    Feiziasl, Vali    2011-12-22
22    Role of rhizobacteria in iron bioreduction of feric minerals, soil and its effect on Fe uptake of corn and rice    Ph.D    Ghorbanzadeh, Nasrin    2012-01-16
23    Stabilization of Arsenic and Antimony in soils using manganese, iron and aluminum oxides, zeolite and surface modified adsorbents and micorrhizal aided phytostabilization    Ph.D    Bagherifam, Saeed    2012-02-02
24    Effect of diatomite and organic matter on the removal of Pb from polluted soil    M.Sc.    zafarvahedian, faeghe    2012-03-05
25    Field Investigation of Concentrated-Flow Shear Stress Equations on Marl soils under Dry Farming    Ph.D    Karimi, Hossein    2012-04-30
26    Effect of animal-skin wastes, biochar and potassium on carrot growth characteristics and soil properties    M.Sc.    nabavinia, fereshteh    2012-05-14
27    Effect of biochar on nitrification cycling in soil and nitrogen uptake in corn    M.Sc.    javedani, sara    2012-05-14
28    Evaluation of biodiversity trend for wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) field under usage of pesticides, herbicides and rotation    Ph.D    Karimpur, Hossein    2012-05-27
29    Effect of 3,4-Dimethylpyrazole Phosphate (DMPP) and soil texture on nitrogen forms and its uptake by corn    M.Sc.    modaresi, mahdeih    2012-06-11
30    Evaluating organo-montmorillonites produced using organic surfactants and magnetite nanoparticles and their effects on soil biological activities    Ph.D    Abolhasani Zeraatkar, Mahboobeh    2012-06-14
31    Effect of Lactobacillus sp. in different chilating agents on aboundace of titanium nano particles in water culture, and in soil on spinach plant    M.Sc.    darbandi, Mohammad    2012-06-25
32    Exploring the possibility of removal of cadmium by Spirulina Platensis Algae    M.Sc.    fazeli nejad, aazam    2012-10-06
33    Possibility Estimation of Saffron Corm's Growth Charactristics from Soil Sample Properties Using MLR and MLP    M.Sc.    zarghani, fariba    2012-10-19
34    Effect of Piriformospora indica on growth and phosphorus uptake in corn plant    M.Sc.    namvar, parvaneh    2013-04-15
35    Effect of ordinary and nano zinc element and mycorrhiza fungi on soil properties, growth and yield of Bean    M.Sc.    panam, zahra    2013-04-15
36    Effects of grazing and canopy cover of shrub plants on the symbiotic relationships between plants and mycorrhiza in Bharkish rangelands Quchan    M.Sc.    khaksarzadeh, vajiheh    2013-04-29
37    Effect of arsenic and organic matter on the activity of the enzymes Urease and Phosphatase in a calcareous soil.    M.Sc.    Mozdoori, Ali    2013-05-05
38    Effects of some wheat sulfonylurea and aryloxy phenoxy propionate herbicides soil residues on chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) growth, nodulation and biological nitrogen fixation.    M.Sc.    mohammadnezhad, Rahimbakhsh    2013-05-05
39    Investigation of absorption of nutrient and quantitive and qualitative characteristics of plane trees in Mashhad urban landscape in drip irrigation and subdrip irrigation    Ph.D    pakdel, payam    2013-05-08
40    Effect of Earthworm and Mycorrhiza on Phosphorus Availability of Rock Phosphate under Maize Cultivation    M.Sc.    sarborji, badri    2013-06-17
41    Effects of Frankia and Mycorrhiza on Nitrogen Fixation, Phosphorous Uptake, Growth and Filed Performance of Alder Seedlings    Ph.D    Kahneh, Ehsan    2013-06-18
42    The Interaction of Wheat Genotypes, Water Stress and Crop Residues on Nitrification Inhibition of DMPP by 15N and 13C Isotope Tracing Techniques    Ph.D    Mousavi Shalmani, Mir Ahmad    2013-06-18
43    Isolation and Effeciancy of Haloalkalophilic Bacteria on Salinity Stress Reduction in Wheat    Ph.D    Eskandari Torbaghan, Mehrnoush    2013-06-18
44    Study of Lichen interactions and processes on Weathering of Igneous rocks    Ph.D    razavi darbar, solmaz    2013-06-18
45    Effect of mycorrhiza and pesodomycorrhiza on phosphorus uptake from rock phosphate by corn plant under drought stress    M.Sc.    yazdinejad, maryam    2013-07-08
46    Distribution of nickel and chromium in particle size fractions of soils on ultramafic rocks along a catena in western mashhad    M.Sc.    akbari, sepideh    2013-07-08
47    Effect of Compost and Chemical Fertilizers on Soil Properties and nitrate leaching in Different Soil Moisture Regimes under Paddy crop    Ph.D    Razavipour Koumleh, Teimour    2013-07-08
48    Effect of Piriformospora indica and Glomus mosseae on cadmium uptake in corn    M.Sc.    monazam, atena    2013-09-23
49    Influence of phosphorus levels on soil organic carbon and rhizosphere priming effect of maize and wheat    M.Sc.    saadatifar, saeedeh    2013-10-21
50    Effect of humic acid and pseudomonas on distribution and bioavailability of Cu and Zn in calcareous soil    M.Sc.    momtazkari, maryam    2013-10-21
51    lInvestigation of the effect of seeds inoculation of chickpea with arbuscular mycorrhiza and like-endomycorrhiza in response to drought stress    Ph.D    Arshadi, Mohammad Javad    2014-01-05
52    Assessing the potential of native species of mycorrhizal fungi to improve salinity tolerance in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)    Ph.D    oskoueian, armin    2014-01-11
53    Laccase immobilization using montmorillonite and zeolite and its effect on degradation of 2,4-Dinitrophenol (2,4-DNP) in soil    Ph.D    Rahmani, Hadiseh    2014-01-22
54    Assessment of the effect of pharmaceutical antibiotics on soil biochemical activities, induced tolerance and bacterial community structure    Ph.D    Molaei, Ali    2014-01-22
55    Spatial and temporal distribution of geochemical and mineralogical of airborn dust in Khorasan Razavi province    Ph.D    Ziyaee, Atefeh    2014-03-03
56    Effect of bacterial biosurfactant of petroleum contaminated soil on biodegradation of Acenaphethene and Benzopyrene    Ph.D    soleymani, sahar    2014-06-01
57    Effects of land use and soil properties on the genetic diversity of soil bacteria    Ph.D    jalali, ghobad    2014-06-09
58    : Effect of enriched municipal compost with blood and bone meal powder, rock phosphate and Aztobacter on spinach(Spinacia oleracea L.) and turnip(Brassica Napus ) plants    Ph.D    ahooey, javad    2014-06-23
59    Detection of siderophore producing Pseudomonas Fluorescence based on genetic molecular methods and siderophore application in hydroponic culture    Ph.D    Fani, Seyyed Amin    2014-06-24
60    Movement and accumulation of Pb and Cd in soil and their adsorbtion in Turf and Rosemary plants in three regions of Mashhad city    Ph.D    shariati, mohsen    2014-06-25
61    Evaluation of application of some nitrogen management approaches with emphesizing on nitrogen fixing bacteria to increase N use efficiency in irrigated rice    Ph.D    Mohammadian, Mohammad    2014-07-02
62    Investigation of nano-hydroxyapatite efficiency in cadmium immobilization and its environmental risk assessment in soil    Ph.D    farzanegan, zohreh    2014-09-08
63    Changes of soil enzyme activity of contaminated soil with lead after phytoremediation by EDTA and Citric acid    M.Sc.    hosseini, seyed sajjad    2014-09-29
64    Effect of Electron Shuttles, Shewanella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa on Bioreduction of Ferric Iron and Availability of Trace Elements    M.Sc.    sharifi, setareh    2014-09-29
65    Effect of super absorbent polymeras and magnetic seed on growth and flowering of some seasonal flowers grown in Mashhad landscaping in low irrigation    Ph.D    Kamali, Maryam    2014-10-14
66    Effect of casing soil acctinomycetes on control of Trichoderma harzianum and Pseudomonas tolaasii    M.Sc.    tabibzadeh genaveh, farzin    2014-11-10
67    Biochar and vermicompost effects on chemical properties of soil, yield and yield components of soybean plant    M.Sc.    lal arab, mozugan    2014-11-24
68    Effect of nitrogen supply on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of different conditions watering savory.    Ph.D    bahadorian, MAJID    2014-12-28
69    The effects of Organic matter, Salinity, Zn (II) and Cu (II) on the adsorption of Tetracycline by Montmorilonite    M.Sc.    Lotfi, Ali    2015-01-12
70    Modeling and validating, bulk density and Soil texture, apparent soil electrical conductivity    Ph.D    Baradaran Motie, Jalal    2015-01-13
71    Effect of irrigation water salinity, humic acid, silicium (ordinary and nano) particles and mycorrhiza on soil properties, yield and nutrient content of millet (Panecum miliaceum)    Ph.D    ahmadi, mohammad    2015-01-31
72    Corn and soybean mycorrhizal dependency changes in response to different levels of phosphorus and zinc    M.Sc.    sadeghi, jalal    2015-04-13
73    Effect of prescribed burning of the symbiosis between mycorrhiza and some rangeland plant species    M.Sc.    Ahmadi, Jalil    2015-05-11
74    The effect of earthworm and mycorrhiza fungi on speciation and uptake of Fe, Zn and Mn by maize in a calcareous soil    M.Sc.    dehghanian, hamid    2015-10-26
75    Effect of Trifluralin herbicide on N mineralization , soil microbial biomass and symbiotic of Bradyrhizobium japonicum in soybean    M.Sc.    ardameh, mojtaba    2015-10-26
76    Study of influencing geomorphic and pedogenic processes on evolution of soils in Herat plain    M.Sc.    mahmodian, farsila    2015-11-23
77    Impact of residue management of wheat and sugarbeet on some soil properties and soil quality under field conditions    M.Sc.    fatemeh, ghoreyshi    2015-12-21
78    Deposition rate, pollution and origin of dust fallout in Mashhad City    M.Sc.    mahmoodi, reihaneh    2015-12-21
79    Assessment of Phytoremediation Efficiency on reducing oil hydrocarbons from soil using Zeolit and compost    M.Sc.    Hamidi, asieh    2016-01-11
80    Effect of DMPP, DCD and Artemisia powder on growth properties and nitrate uptake by lettuce in treated soil with different organic materials    M.Sc.    Sangsefidi, sara    2016-02-08
81    Effects of earthworm density, washing substrate and time on chemical properties of vermicompost derived from cow manure    M.Sc.    Hashemi Bidokhti, Emad    2016-04-11
82    Identification and effects of MH Streptomycetes metabolites on spore germination, growth of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Clover root colonization    Ph.D    pourmirzaei, zahra    2016-06-01
83    Study of Biofilm production by Pseudomonas fluorescence and Phanerochaete chrysosporium and its effects on soil biological activities and clean up of crude oil-contaminated soil    Ph.D    Tarkashvand, Maryam    2016-11-14
84    Biodegradation of Triclosan and Tetracycline in a sewage sludge-amended soil by fungal pellets of Pleurotus ostreatus and Trametes versicolor and their uptake by radish plant    Ph.D    maadani mallak, ayda    2016-11-16
85    Effect of Biochar on Phosphorus availablity from Rock Phosphate in present of Bacillus megaterium and Rhizophagus intraradices In a calcareous soil.    M.Sc.    jafary, Mohamad    2016-12-05
86    Effect of Cadmium on Glomalin production of glomeral funji and the of Glomalin on Sequestration and uptake of sorgoum    M.Sc.    Gerami, zahra    2016-12-05
87    The effect of pistachio shell biochar and barely residuels on water soil erosion and structural soil properties    M.Sc.    mashayekhi, rezvan    2016-12-05
88    Thiobacillus bacteria impact on the availability of iron from soil enriched with iron and pyrite waste and its impact on growth characteristics of soybean    M.Sc.    daliran, toktam    2016-12-26
89    Effect of fungal Phytases on the solubility of calcium phytate and uptake of phosphorus in corn    M.Sc.    valizade hajjar, toktam    2016-12-26
90    Bioweathering of biotite, muscovite and microcline by Aspergilus and Penicellium fungi    M.Sc.    jahan ara, niusha    2017-01-16
91    Effect of vanadium, molybdenum and cobalt on biological nitrogen fixation in soybean    M.Sc.    VAZIRI KANGZEITOUN, SEYEDEHFATEMEH    2017-02-06
92    The effect of humic acid and zeolite on mercury in the saline soil and role of bacteria (Pseudomonas putida) on availability of mercury in Turnip plant (Brassica rapa)    Ph.D    Alsaleh, Alaaeddin    2017-04-26
93    Effect biochar on morphophysiological and nutrient uptake of summer savory (Satureja hortensis L.) under salinity stress    M.Sc.    Mehdizadeh, Leila    2017-05-30
94    Isolation and identification of PHA and PHB producing Bacteria and Cyanobacteria    M.Sc.    yazdan panah ahmadabadi, fateme    2017-08-12
95    Effect of tetracycline and chlorotracycline antibiotics on soil biological properties and their uptake in lettuce plant in the presence of Glomus mosseae and Piriformospora indica fungi    M.Sc.    sabeti, narges    2018-03-12
96    Effect of biosurfactant on cadmium availability in a contaminated calcareous soil    M.Sc.    ARAB TEYMORI, SAHAR    2018-03-12
97    Effect of silver nanoparticles and silver nitrate on soil biological activity and microbial population    M.Sc.    balandeh, sakineh    2018-03-12
98    Isolation, identification and selection of superior bacterial species and its effect on maize growth.    M.Sc.    mohammadzadeh, azam    2018-06-09